MetaMusic Studio to launch The Apollo Project with Blind Box NFTs

MetaMusic Studio has launched The Apollo Project (TAP), its next-generation blockchain-based decentralized metaverse (dVerse) platform. TAP was released along with the pre-sale of Blind Box NFTs on June 13.

MetaMusic Studio claimed to develop a distinctive digital world genre called Free-to-Earn (F2E). By combining Free-to-Play’s size and customization model with Play-to-Earn’s NFT and community-based gameplay, they create innovative F2E games.

This concept has been adapted for TAP’s MusicVerse, a metaverse dedicated to music entertainment. Alternatively, the platform is also called Decentralized Online Entertainment (DOE).

TAP is the studio’s first NFT game project developed by Steve Gray, a game industry veteran. The games hosted on the TAP platform use in-game tokens called $DTAP and $DMUSIC.

OpenSea will release the first batch of Blind Box NFTs for the game on June 20, with pre-sale being ongoing since June 13, 2022. With the Blind Box NFT, users will be able to play the Avatar Breeding game as well as other TAP games.

TAP Blind Box

Players can unlock randomly generated Avatar NFTs from TAP Blind Boxes. Players will use Blind Boxes throughout the TAP Platform before, during, and after launch.

Within each Blind Box, players can expect to receive Common (75%), Unusual (20%), Rare (4%), and Unique (1%) NFTs. In the TAP Metaverse, these NFTs serve as tickets that grant special status to their owners.

At the time of purchase, blind boxes are locked and can only be unlocked via the TAP website. OpenSea and other exchanges offer locked blind boxes for trading.

Aside from the Avatars included in the TAP Blind Box, players can also unlock additional content. With this additional content, upcoming games on the TAP platform will offer more relevant and immersive experiences, providing greater value for the purchase.

MusicVerse brings together Gray’s lifelong passion for music and his years of experience leading gaming companies such as Tencent Games and other major game developers. In MusicVerse, gamers and music lovers can discover, create, play, and enjoy music and games.

Gray said that “fun is number 1 but great music will be at the core of everything we are creating. We will feature great virtual performances and concerts and NFTs will fill the imagination space of the MusicVerse. We will deliver dividends to the music industry from the metaverse”.

Today, the metaverse is home to blockchain-based games, which are growing in popularity. The market is expected to grow by as much as 25 to 30 percent annually, which is three to four times the rate of the traditional, mature game market.

“To create the innovative Free-to-Earn category, we are leveraging the size and high production values and game design ethic from F2P (free-to-play) games, but we will merge in the ability of the Community to participate financially in the success of our products and their content,” said Gray.

As mentioned previously, future TAP games are expected to offer a more relevant and immersive experience. TAP also allows players to generate revenue from in-game item sales and transaction processing fees on player-to-player NFT sales.