Cool Cats NFT partners with The Sandbox to launch avatars in late 2022

Cool Cats NFT has announced a partnership with an Ethereum-based decentralized NFT game, The Sandbox. In a Tweet, the programmatically random-generated NFT collection confirmed that it would be working on bringing Cool Cats avatars to the game’s platform much later this year.

“You guessed it! We have confirmed discussions with @TheSandboxGame to get your Cool Cats into their metaverse in the first Q4!” Cool Cats’ announcement reads.

Prior to announcing the move, the team behind Cool Cats NFT revealed that they were struggling to board the collection into The Sandbox.

Cool Cats NFT to release avatars in The Sandbox

Cool Cats NFT has witnessed tremendous growth since it was first introduced on July 1, 2021. The collection’s ecosystem encompasses well-known individuals and celebrities, including American DJ Steve Aoki, former boxer Mike Tyson, and actress Reese Witherspoon.

Since there are not many details made available yet, the partnership with The Sandbox likely means that Cool Cats NFT will be releasing 3D digital items on the platform. The developer team also has been teasing the NFT community with 3D pixelated items for the last few weeks.

The announcement was received well by the Cool Cats community. Some members even requested the developers to revise the avatars shown on the teaser poster to look cute.

Cool Cats NFT’s development

Cool Cats are a collection of programmatically and randomly generated NFT built on the Ethereum blockchain. Cool Cats NFT features 9,999 randomly generated cats with over 300,000 total options made available for its first generation.

Similar to any other NFT collection, Cool Cats NFT features a rarity list where common items have less value than those classified as rare or exotic. For example, cats wearing a beanie or a hat have less market value than those wearing a computer head.

The ranking system works with points ranging from three to 10. Each number on the rarity list also has a different number of cat stocks. For example. Cool rarity has 1,999 to 2,600, while the highest rating, Exotic, has 500 to 150.

“Cool Cats are much more than an NFT art project. We’re building Cooltopia, a gamified ecosystem built on interactivity and utility, community rewards and growth, collaboration with brands, and much more,” the developer team said.

Throughout the years, Cool Cats NFT also has announced additional collections, partnerships, and changes in its management.

Ahead of its partnership with The Sandbox, Cool Cats had collaborated with a few notable brands, including several collaborations with Time magazine and a merch partnership with Toikido.

Cool Cats also released Cool Pets and Halloween NFTs as some of its secondary collections. Aside from the two, the collection had worked on Cooltopia, interactivity, and a utility-based gaming ecosystem.

Just two months ago, Cool Cats NFT had to part ways with CEO Chris Hassett following his decision to step down from the project. Cool Cats NFT has yet to find a replacement. However, one of the most respected individuals in the Web3 and NFT industry, Sian Morson, was recently hired as the company’s vice president of community.