Scienjoy, MetaU to launch NFT exchange platform for artists

China's leading live entertainment mobile streaming platform Scienjoy Holding Corporation recently announced a strategic partnership with MetaU, a cryptocurrency exchange platform provider. The company said the partnership would allow the company to fulfill its mission of providing funding to artists who wish to convert traditional arts to NFTs. MetaU said they aimed to provide an enabling environment and tools for artists and collectors to record and purchase NFTs using virtual coins. Therefore, the company announced the launch of its NFT exchange platform, which is set to roll out during the third or fourth quarter of 2022. Earlier this year, Scienjoy announced the NFT Experience X, a new initiative intended to help selected artists be equipped with tools to transform their creations into NFTs. Artists will have access to technical support as they create NFT works at select locations under this program. The NFTs can take various forms, including traditional art, exhibitions, murals, and other unique art projects. MetaU CEO Dan Clayton said, “I am thrilled with the strategic alliance with Scienjoy based on their interest in the NFT space. MetaU will work with Scienjoy to prepare for the anticipated launch of our MetaU NFT exchange stage in the third or fourth quarter of 2022". “We are excited about the strategic alliance with MetaU and the expected launch of its NFT exchange platform. The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected almost every aspect of trade and commerce. Globally, the arts sector was particularly hit by the closure of vibrant art galleries and world-renowned exhibition scenes," said Scienjoy President and CEO Victor Hey. "However, much has started to change as the pandemic slowly recovers Done, many artists are still grappling with the effects of cancellations of art shows and uncertainty over the sector, with sponsors expected substantial budget cuts. NFT Experience X is expected to create hundreds of opportunities for artists around the world. Hopefully, as we aim to uncover creative minds in the Metaverse. With the new NFT exchange platform, we hope to provide a platform for independent artists to exchange and showcase their unique artworks.” About MetaU Founded and headquartered in Nevada, United States, MetaU Corporation is a privately held company. In 2022, the company plans to expand its office operations to Los Angeles, New York, Dubai, South Korea, Singapore, and India. About Scienjoy Scienjoy Holding Corporation is China's leading platform of mobile live streaming founded in 2011. The main mission of the company is to create an ecosystem of live streaming services that engage and entertain users. Scienjoy operates five live streaming platform brands, including Showself, Lehai, Haixiu, BeeLive (whose features include both the Mifeng Chinese version and BeeLive international version), and Hongle.tv. The company has approximately 267 million registered users. To create unique user experiences, Scienjoy integrates live streaming, in-depth insight into the live streaming industry, and an innovative business approach to cutting-edge technologies including big data, blockchain, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR). The company claims they strive to build a live streaming metaverse that offers the ultimate immersive experience, a social media network that goes beyond time and space, a digital community that integrates virtual and physical worlds, as well as a content-rich ecosystem.

The World of Gaming online

Take a closer look at online gaming with our guide to this global phenomenon

Gaming online has seen a massive increase in popularity over the last few years, largely down to the way that mobile phone technology has developed. The numbers of people who play online games has risen massively. Almost everyone you know, including people over the age of 40 who are not necessarily the first people who spring to mind when you mention online computer games, will have played some form of online game in the last few weeks.
This has been partly due to social media, of course, which provides accessible platforms where almost anyone can find games to play that suit their lifestyle and interests. Sports games have become very popular, while we have all heard about games like Candy Crush.
Other types of online computer games remain very popular with younger people who like to play online games. Massive multi-player online games, often referred to as ‘MMOs’, remain hugely popular. World of Warcraft, for example, has become a cultural phenomenon that extends far beyond people’s computer screens or gaming mobile phones and has spawned books, a movie and other cultural products.
Here, we will take a closer look at the world of gaming online and at some of the gaming trends associated with it.

What is gaming online and how do you get started?

Even if you have no interest at all in the digital world or technology, the chances are pretty high that you will have heard of online gaming. It is, of course the act of playing games on the internet. There is tremendous variety in the number and types of games that you can play online nowadays, though. From retro arcade games, to intellectual puzzles, to role playing games, to traditional board games like Scrabble, you really can play almost anything you want online these days.
According to Juniper Research’s published white paper, the numbers of people who now play online games regularly is huge. The Newzoo 2018 Global Games Market Forecast stated that mobile gaming  and mobile games has been raising online casino revenue. The proportion rose from 18% in 2012 to 51% by 2018. The Newzoo report also predicted that this trend will continue, and it expected gaming online to contribute up to 59% by 2021.
There are also significant geographical trends in the world of online gaming. In November 2018, China made up almost 28% of global mobile gaming revenue, according to tech website iWeb. Japan is another country which makes a massive contribution to the wealth generated by gaming online. A big role in this is played by the way that gamers in Asia have moved away from their computer screens in recent years and started to use gaming mobile phones.

Online gaming and esports betting

It is possible now to pick up skins during online gaming which can be used to bet on esports. Skins are items that improve the cosmetic appearance of your character in some online games. They do not usually have any effect on the actual gaming performance of the character. They are a particular feature of games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Defense of the Ancients 2.
Gamers soon found another use for these skins as competitive esports grew in popularity over the last decade. As esports became more popular, increasing numbers of people wanted to bet on the matches and events for games like CS:GO, Dota2 and the International tournament.
While the betting companies were lagging behind demand, many gamers started betting using the skins that they had collected from their own gaming activities. This allowed gamers to use their skins as a kind of cryptocurrency for betting.
It is also possible to sell skins for real money, something that means successful esports skins bettors can actually make some genuine profit from their betting. It will be interesting to see how the concept of skin betting develops in the online computer games world in the years to come.


While we have not been able to cover the entire vast breadth of the topic of gaming online in this article, you now have a snapshot picture of this vast phenomenon. As 5G technology develops and becomes more widespread, we are sure to see more new and exciting developments in the world of online gaming. More powerful, faster gaming mobile phones are sure to arrive on the market too.
As the number of games to play increases new gaming trends are sure to emerge in the years to come, especially with the advent of 5G. Concepts such as virtual reality are sure to have an impact too, especially on the world of esports and esports betting. It is an interesting time to be alive for all fans of online gaming across the world!


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