RLTY announces funding round success, raising over $4 million

Next-gen metaverse event company RLTY announced that the company had raised over $4 million of funding. According to the RLTY, the raised funds will be used for building tools and future endeavors to offer customized solutions for brands keen to host events in the metaverse.

RLTY has captivated the attention of the industry’s big names, some of which even participated in the funding round, such as Sorare’s founders, The Sandbox, Meero, Jellysmack, Kima Ventures, Blue Wire Capital, Stake Capital, and Monoceros Venture.

RLTY to focus on providing solutions in hosting events in metaverse

Since the company was founded, its goal has remained the same: to provide brands and clients with a set of solutions for hosting events in the digital space. The company wrote on the website that to achieve such goals and contribute to developing the growing digital ecosystem, setting forth the proper infrastructure is beyond crucial.

A few examples of such a proper infrastructure refer to RLTY’s customized solutions. The company offers a digital version of an event that mirrors its physical counterpart, such as concerts, festivals, fairs, and other social gatherings. Additionally, similar to real-world event organizers, brands will be assisted with data analysis and event tracking.

With no specific industry to focus on, RLTY’s target market covers all sorts of clients of various industries, such as music, arts, conference, fashion, and corporate, among others, that are keen to expand reach beyond the physical world.

Having a set of goals in addition to a wide selection of markets to tap into, RLTY is committed to providing accessibility to individuals to experience the virtual world throughout all platforms.

Company Co-Founder Zack Sabban shared RLTY’s goals for the coming future following its successful funding round.

“Metaverse platforms offer infinite possibilities for both companies and brands. Our mission is to provide access to these worlds and leverage them to create unique events for as many people as possible, free from geographical, cultural or financial obstacles,” Sabban said.

“RLTY is currently the only one-stop shop for creating metaverse events from A to Z, and we are proud to be backed by the biggest names in the meta sphere.”

Aside from simply providing brands with hosting events in the metaverse, RLTY’s assistance also covers solutions for both NFTs and monetization.

Previous events, collaboration

Previously, the company has conducted a few virtual events this year, including Paris NFT Day (April 12), NFT Movie Festival (May 20), Europe’s leading metaverse event MET AMS (June 15), and most recently BPIFrance Metaverse Vision (June 22).

Aside from events, RLTY has partnered with Pixowl’s metaverse game, The Sandbox, to provide brands, corporations, and NFT enthusiasts a platform with easy-to-use tools to host virtual events.

Besides introducing a digital venue, RLTY added in sales and distribution of NFT tickets, marketing tools for Web3, monetization tools for the entire event, and more.

Co-Founder Sebastien Borget expressed his excitement regarding the partnership on behalf of The Sandbox, praising RLTY for making the metaverse “a vibrant place”.

“We’re excited to see RLTY providing the ability to anyone to become an Event organizer and launch their own Concert or Festival in the Metaverse,” Borget said via RLTY’s news release.

“This is exactly what is needed to make the Metaverse a vibrant place where users through their Avatars can enjoy new forms of entertainment and non-stop fun.”